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Season End - TFT World Championship

The Inkborn Fables Tactician's Crown World Championship in Teamfight Tactics is a cornerstone event in the esports world. This year, the tournament brings together the best tacticians from around the globe, competing for the championship title and substantial financial rewards. These championships test not only players' skills but also their strategic thinking and adaptability to the game's ever-changing conditions.

The imminent end of Set 11 on July 31 and the beginning of Set 12 on August 1 add another layer of excitement. Set 11, known as "Inkborn Fables," introduced many innovative mechanics and units that changed gameplay and forced players to adapt to new strategies. Set 12 promises even more innovations, potentially revolutionizing current gameplay methods, and its release coincides with Patch 14.15.

The championship format includes two main stages:

  • Swiss Stage (July 12-13, 2024): 32 players compete in 12 games, with 6 games each day. Lobbies are shuffled every 2 games. The top 8 scorers advance to the Grand Final.
  • Grand Final (July 14, 2024): Checkmate 20 format - the first player to reach 20 points and then secure a first-place finish becomes the champion. A maximum of 8 games will be played: if no match point-eligible player wins game 8, the champion will be the player with the best placement in game 8.

The tournament attracts players from regions: Americas, EMEA, APAC, and China (TOC / JOC). The prize pool is an impressive $456,000 USD, further motivating participants to showcase their best gameplay.

For many players, a key moment will be the start of the PBE server two weeks before the end of the current season. Here, they can test new units, items, and mechanics, better preparing themselves for upcoming challenges. This testing phase is crucial for developing optimal strategies and understanding changes in the new set.

Competitions like the "Inkborn Fables Tactician's Crown" showcase the growth of esports and the significance of games like Teamfight Tactics within the community. With the new season's arrival, we can expect even fiercer competition and memorable moments that will undoubtedly be etched in esports history.

Where to Watch?

You can follow the broadcast on your favorite streamers' channels or on the main channel: Twitch: Teamfight Tactics


32 Tacticians. 4 Regions. 1 Champion. ⚔️

July 10, 2024

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